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EMS Personal Training

Electro Muscle Stimulation training is intensive and highly efficient, each 20 minute session offers the equivalent workout as 90 minutes in a conventional gym

After only a few sessions you can really start to feel the benefits, I would highly recommend getting involved in this style of training
Tony Prouse 2021
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20 Minute Sessions

Our 20 minute EMS workout equates to a hour long gym session or personal training. High intensity, fun and fast, fit us in to your timetable
buzz ems personal training

Full Body Workout

We exercise all your muscle groups in one session- Top to Toe
buzz ems 20 minute training

Safe & Respected

EMS is a a well-researched technology that has been established for many decades in sport science. Sessions always take place in conjunction with a knowledgeable trainer

Personal Training

Our experienced team designs your training for your personal goals. See a transformation in weeks
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Mobile EMS Training for North Devon

£50 for pay as you go or £180 per month for a scheduled weekly session.

We visit you at home or office with our equipment. We arrange a weekly schedule of just 20 minutes and create a training program to empower your fitness.

Our strengthening workout increases your body muscle, decreases your fat and leads to better toning and skin condition.

We work with injury recovery and rehabilitation and build into your program a route to recovery.

Weight loss is part of our repertoire and by burning calories with us will lead to a healthier way to lose weight.

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About Us

Buzz EMS is run by two professional trainers Marci Baxter and Hannah Newell.

Established fitness instructors we have seen the benefits of using EMS and incorporating sports science into our training routines.

Now with the equipment to go mobile we can bring this technology into your home or office and give you a regular 20 minute program to increase your fitness, health, weight loss or rehabilitation.